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CRC 5001 Rifle Stock

CRC 5001 Rifle Stock

! - NOT SUITABLE for AK and AR systems. This stock is designed for bolt-action rifles - !

The CRC 5001 stock features three adjustable elements:
1 - Length
2 - Cheek riser height
3 - Buttplate height

The stock itself is made from aluminum, while the cheek rest is constructed from Kydex material. It weighs 618 grams.

This stock is specifically designed for precision shooting on a bolt-action rifles. The range of adjustments allows the shooter to configure a comfortable shooting position based on their body constitution.

The stock's design EXCLUDES compatibility with automatic firearms and military-style rifles.

- КРУК 7th series chassis
- XLR chassis
- Other rifle chassis with AR-type threading

Coating: Cerakote ceramic paint

Processing Type: Milling

Cerakote is an American ceramic firearm paint used by leading firearms manufacturers to coat their products. It offers chemical resistance, and the coating thickness is approximately 50 microns.

    ₴6,345.00 Regular Price
    ₴4,625.00Sale Price


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