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CRC 7H009 Chassis for Howa 1500 Short Action

CRC 7H009 Chassis for Howa 1500 Short Action

The CRC 7H009 chassis serves as an excellent foundation for creating a convenient and practical shooting platform based on the Weatherby Vanguard Short Action or Howa 1500 Short Action rifles.

Product Features:

Sturdy hexagonal handguard with additional stiffening ribs for reliable barrel protection.
M-LOK™ compatible handguard for mounting various accessories.
Compatibility with AR-style pistol grips.
Compatible with AR-style buttstocks.
Compatible with AICS standard magazines.
Utilizes V-shape bedding technology.
Compatible with third-party triggers.

a. Chassis - Rugged aviation-grade aluminum 7075 T651.
b. Handguard - Aluminum alloy 6082.

In all high-stress threads, we use special steel inserts to increase the thread's torque strength and extend its service life.

For maximum surface protection, we apply a two-component Cerakote ceramic firearm coating.
Our products are equipped with screws with a minimum strength class of 10.9. There are no low-strength, soft material screws in our products.

- Weatherby Vanguard Short Action
- Howa 1500 Short Action

Finish: Cerakote ceramic coating

Processing Type: Precision milling

Cerakote is an American ceramic firearm coating used by leading firearms manufacturers to protect their products. It is chemically resistant and has a coating thickness of approximately 50 microns.

Included in the CRC 7H009 Package:
1. Chassis (Material: Aluminum 7075)
2. Handguard (Material: Aluminum 6082) with M-LOK compatible attachment points. The package includes three 80mm Picatinny rails with M-LOK mounting.

Please note that the package includes only the chassis, handguard, and three Picatinny rails. The buttstock and other accessories are sold separately.

    19 035,00₴ Regular Price
    12 400,00₴Sale Price


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