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CRC 5002/9035 Fixed Stock for AK

CRC 5002/9035 Fixed Stock for AK

CRC 5002/9035 is a fixed stock designed for AK rifles:

1 - It weighs only 391 grams, which is just 65 grams heavier than a standard plastic stock.
2 - The stock length is adjustable from 17.5 cm to 22 cm.
3 - The cheek riser has a maximum elevation of 2 cm and provides four positions.
4 - The buttplate is height-adjustable, with a range of +/- 3 cm.
5 - It comes with standard attachment points for a sling and a QD base.
6 - The construction combines aluminum for high-stress components and polyamide for the cheek rest.
7 - Approximately 90% of the parts are milled from solid aluminum billets.

- FORT-205
- MKM-072
- SLR107R
- SLR107R-11E
- SLR107R-12
- WASR-10
- Other civilian versions of AKM and AK-74 rifles with fixed stocks

Coating: Cerakote ceramic paint

Processing Type: Milling

Cerakote is an American ceramic firearm paint used by leading firearms manufacturers to coat their products. It offers chemical resistance, and the coating thickness is approximately 50 microns.

    ₴9,985.00 Regular Price
    ₴6,500.00Sale Price


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