CRC 7R004 Cerakote Coated / chassis for Remington 700 Long Action

CRC 7R004 Cerakote Coated / chassis for Remington 700 Long Action

The CRC 7R004 chassis serves as an excellent base for creating a comfortable and practical rifle complex based on the Remington Model 700 Long Action rifle.


Product features:

  • Strong octagonal handguard with additional ribs for ultimate strenght
  • M-LOK ™ interface for mounting various accessories
  • Compatible with AR type pistol grips
  • Buttstock is attached to a standard AR-type thread
  • Compatible with AICS magazines.
  • Using V-shaped bedding technology
  • Compatibility with third-party triggers



a. Chassis - aluminium alloy 7075 Т651.

b. Handguard - aluminium alloy 6082 T6.

  • Production method - milling
  • In all hard loaded threads, we use special steel inserts that increase the possible tightening power of the screws and increase the life of the thread itself.
  • We use Cerakote two-component ceramic coating for maximum protection of the surface.
  • In the all sets of our products screws with a class of strength not lower than 10.9. We don't use low-strength soft materials


In the complete set of CRC 7R004:

1. Chassis - aluminum alloy 7075 T651.

2. Handguard - aluminum alloy 6082 T6. Handguard has M-Lok accessories mounts. The kit includes 3 rails length of 80mm.


Please note that the kit only includes the chassis, handguard and 3 Picatinny rails.

The buttstock, scope mount and other accessories are purchased separately.